PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

DAWs with Configurable Output Routing?

So here’s the deal: my MBP 13” Late 2013 is getting a little long in the tooth. It still works but certain tasks are kind of janky; most of the AUs I use are from Audio Damage and are available on iOS. I recently upgraded to an iPad Air 3 and I’m considering jumping to iOS more or less completely — the touch controls are very convenient and I use Model 15 a whole bunch. The main thing holding me to the desktop is that I have a few external effects (EQD Rainbow Machine and Red Panda Tensor) that I like to use on synth and drum tracks.

My interface is an Apogee Duet MAC/iOS which has two ins and four outs. I simply route the audio to output three then run it through my pedals and back into an audio track; unfortunately GarageBand doesn’t allow you to send specific tracks to specific outputs unless I’m really missing something. I did some Googling and it seems that the main workaround is to pan the track you want to send to the left channel and the tracks you want to monitor to the right channel. This is workable and would allow me to keep using GarageBand, which I quite like. But I’m ready to explore other options.

AUM supports multi-outs and it works very well with my AUs (mainly Audio Damage, Moog, and Bram Bos) and external effects. Chris Randall actually has a similar setup to what I’m doing except he has a CT5 instead of a Tensor. AUM is a viable option for sketches, but the lack of a sequencer makes it more of a jamming setup than a proper recording setup IMO. Also, I miss GarageBand’s instruments and acoustic drum sounds for my less electronic songs.

Are there any DAW apps that easily support multi-output routing AND offer built-in instruments and solid AU hosting? Off the top of my head BM3, Cubasis, and Auria are potential options (need to research further) but I want to gather as much info as possible before committing to yet another app. Thanks in advance!


  • The three DAWs you mentioned do support multi-output routing.
    My vote is for Auria Pro.

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