Disable/reroute pitchbend to CC Streambyter or Mozaic

Ok, i did RTFM but did not get any wiser if it is possible to use mozaic to create a simple "disable/limit pitch bend" script. Streambyter seems to be able to do this but cant do all the custom nice generative patches so if mozaic can be used for simple filter/reroute then i would get that instead. Thoughts?


  • Yes, it’s possible. Pitch bend messages are a little more complicated than your normal cc because they involve two interlocking parts that are added together. But all the bytes of the midi message are available and can be manipulated any way you like in Mozaic.

    This article helped me understand pitch bend messages: https://sites.uci.edu/camp2014/2014/04/30/managing-midi-pitchbend-messages/

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    Disable is easy in Streambyter. All channels. I just don't use it, ha, didn't like accidentally hitting it.

    EX = XX +B

  • Filtering and rerouting are quite different in how you'd tackle them in Mozaic.
    Filtering is obviously the easiest:

      if MIDICommand <> 0xE0
  • Perfect thanks. Bought mosaic and in 5 minutes, no more pitch bends... And now I can see I really need to look into all the fun stuff it can do :)

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