A tribute to this 1 hour long live techno set performed with iPad

I just wanted to share this live set I watched several times and it still amazes me as this is what I would like to achieve with my iPad setup. Big kudos to this guy!
Why is it so unique to me? I have never found a video that is:

  • From a live performance in front of the crowd
  • Has full DJ set length = at least around 1 hour
  • Is composed only from own production, played directly from the apps
  • Is not just endless noodling of a few presets but a real DJ style "mixing of songs". Yes, some apps like Troublemaker, which has very limited sound scale, are used in most of the time, so it's sort of repeating, but that's not a problem. Every acid techno DJ set contains the sound of TB-303 all the time :smiley:

Hardware and software used is in the video description.

If you know about something similar, please share!


  • Ah and very important: it's a video where you can exactly see what the guy is doing - very helpful and eye-opening that there's no magic sauce, you just need to spend proper time preparing your set.

  • Thanks for posting here.

    This is impressive. Two small midi controllers and two iOS devices and thats it.

    Very cool to see Audiobus 3 and Audiobus remote running the show

  • Wow, that’s good.

  • Really cool. Thanks for posting.

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