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WISH LST —-wish list app problem

Anybody using the app Wish LST to replace the old wish list in the store, is your working? When I try and use mine it’s saying “Not Found”. App was not found, but it is installed.


  • Have it.
    Don't use it.

    Using this Instead:

    AppWish - Simple wishlist by Filip Nemecek

    Also shows sales for your Apps.


  • I just use Notes - but to be honest I haven't even looked at the list in ages.

  • Could simply not live without such an App.
    Cannot buy everthing, but don't want to loose interesting findings and recommendations.
    And the above App directly shows if one of my wishes has a sale, which is great.

  • Example:

  • Syncs per iCloud between devices and can also export and import text files.

  • I'll put it on my wishlist ...

    sorry couldn't help it.

  • @ltf3 said:
    I'll put it on my wishlist ...

    sorry couldn't help it.

    Hehe :D

  • I hate to lose the one I have and can’t figure out why it stopped working. Wish LST is the app name. No one uses it?

  • I’ve been using Wish LST since Apple discontinued the Appstore wishlist, but over the last couple of months the app has been really buggy, not syncing among devices and several “not found” errors.
    I just switched to AppWish which is working reasonably well.

  • Just installed WSH LST to have a look and immediately noticed the subscription.... and deleted it again. Going to stay with AppWish.

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