Volume buttons send MIDI?

Hi there! Is this actually possible? An app which would allow to map midi to the iPads’ volume buttons?



  • @SevenSystems said:


    Which app allows this?

  • @ecce_cello said:

    @SevenSystems said:


    Which app allows this?

    I don't know. I only know it's possible. :) What's your use case?

  • I simply want to be able to use the volume buttons to assign them different functions with midi.

    But this would only be possible using an app. So is there an app which does this?

  • Any app out there which can map midi to volume buttons?

  • The volume buttons on what? Midi from what? You’re not going to get any help if you don’t explain more clearly what you want to do.

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    Just use physical volume buttons on the side of any iOS device, to map them to a given midi CC or Note, and do whatever action you assign this midi controller to, by just pressing the volume buttons.

  • It is technically possible, but Apple has the final say on if this constitutes an "abuse" of the volume buttons, and they might reject an app that provides this functionality.

  • Okay! Thank you for the int.
    Anyone out there willing or implement this? I’d pay 9,99€

    I swear.

  • :(

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