Nanoloop sound design

I really love the GUI and ethos of nanoloop

At first there is a tendency for it to be quite "blippy". However by careful sound design (or in my case) trial and error, Ive managed to coax some fantastic sounds from its wavforms.

Includes some great sub bass, wobble bass and bass drums.

Just wondering whether there is any place for users to share their patches? I know nan files can be shared easily but what struck me was the potential of screen shots showing off some ace patches

Anyone else be interested or aware of this?


  • I, too, would be interested.

  • Awesome idea...
    Tried searching for someplace where people maybe stored presets. Couldn't find it. Maybe a combo of .nan files and screenshots would do it.

    If you just need one instrument from a preset, you could recreate it looking at the shots.
    So you don't load stuff over your ongoing song

  • I'm quite pleased with this for deep bass. Pitch a couple of octaves down

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