Two quite different tracks I recorded today

A live jam on piano along with some iOS apps running in AUM on my iPad Pro 2018 11in.
Apps used: Mood Synth (controlled by ATOM), Sunrizer Synth (controlled by ATOM), Funk Drummer, SynthMaster One (controlled by ATOM) and Ravenscroft 275 Piano.

Wedding in Shangri La:
An ambient guitar piece using BIAS FX through Bram Bos Kosmonaut for my guitar into AUM along with and Cosm.


  • I liked it, but I would mix up the piano in this one. The buzz is overpowering. Would be great reversed. Just my opinion, of course,

  • Thanks for your feedback @LinearLineman do you mean the buzzy Mood Synth loop when you say the "Buzz"?
    I can certainly increase the level of the piano but due to the way I routed the tracks in AUM to record it, I can't do much about the level of the Mood synth. I should really have recorded all tracks separately but hey ho! :smile:
    Suffering from blocked ears at the moment as well so I guess that doesn't help with the mixing either! :smile:

  • Yes, the buzzy synth. I dig it. Not all tracks are created equal! Keep up the good work.

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