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Help! Errant Sound in Cubasis / Solved with Ipad reboot

Out of the blue this strange problem arose. I set up as usual to record a midi piano track in Cubasis. This time, however there is a strong, everpresent synth sound triggered by the keys of the onboard keyboard as well as my Casio controller.

  1. The sound (quite nice actually) is not connected to the mixer. All sliders down. Master volume track no difference and no signals being displayed.
  2. I went to settings and turned off background on every app that allowed it. No difference. Sound persists at a constant volume.
  3. I deleted as many apps as I could without deleting my mainstays.
  4. No apps are open except Cubasis.
  5. CB records a midi track, no problem, but the playback is this omnipresent sound.
  6. It persists when my Casio is disconnected so the problem is not with the Casio.
  7. I created a new project. Same problem.
  8. It only sounds when the keyboard is played and it plays the notes exactly, but it is monophonic
  9. It truly happened out of the blue. I have done two recording sessions in the past few days with no problem

Help! If I cannot figure this out I am done for re any recording. Giant brains of
Come to my aid in this desperate time!


  • Reboot?

  • Sure, several times, but i’ll try again cause you are @wim!

  • Thank god you are @wim! That worked. This old brain must be getting confused or the iOS fairies are at work! I was sure I had rebooted, but maybe I just created new projects. Anyway, problem solved, but I still wonder where that sound came from. Any ideas?

  • Nope. Not a clue. :D

  • If i expect some background App still running, I open Sound Prism to check if here is something. Of course other Apps could help too.

    Otherwise, a hard reboot,0.

  • I rebooted Cubasis @tja, not my pro.

  • Well, I still have the problem, but now I think it is the Casio controller. Cubasis Keyboard fine. Casio on its own fine. Soon as I plug in the cck the synth organ sound begins when I strike a Cubasis key or a Casio key.. A midi track is recorded and will play back normally if the cck is disconnected. The local control on the Casio is off. I unplugged the sustain pedal, no help. What could possibly have changed with the Casio?

  • Wait. Have you or have you not rebooted the iPad?

  • Well that did it @wim. Thanks for hanging in with me! Sometimes the basics still elude me. All is well now. I had my earbuds in when rebooting and there was a strange hiss when it shut down. Is that normal, or was that the problem going away?

  • wimwim
    edited June 10

    I think that hiss was probably an air pressure release from your cranium rather than a device related problem.

  • Haha! @wim. iOS genius, yes. Otolaryngologist, no.

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