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Loopop Drum Machine Trick -- possible on iPad?

This great Loopop video shows how to play a midi drum loop into a drum machine, and record it. It's a great way to transfer midi loops into hardware.

He does it by playing the loop in Ableton, and remapping the midi to match the right drums triggers for the hardware. Is there any way to do this on the iPad? I guess you could use Midiflow?


  • Nice video. I really like Loopop stuff, he's got some great O-Coast vids too.

    To answer your question. Yes, Midiflow can do this. You dont even need any extra IAPs. Its just a simple source midi port, note translation then destination midi port. There are probably a load of different midi tools that can also do the job eg Streamerbyter/Mosaic but MidiFlow would be my choice for this.

  • Excellent. I shall try it and report back.

    I have Sweet Midi to play back midi files. Anything better?

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