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Renaming Hardware MIDI devices

I have a few of these Mio USB interfaces connected from different hardware synths to my iPad using a USB hub.

They all show up separately but each one is labled as "mio" in AUM. Is there way to rename them using another app and have them show up with unique names in AUM?

Maybe MIDIFire?


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    I use Midiflow, but think it’s similar? In theory, you could just send each of the same named devices to their own uniquely named virtual midi device created in midiflow, and exclusively use those newly named ports in other apps. Right?

    However, I’m uncertain how to be sure it would select the correct device initially each time. Perhaps if they are always on the same usb port we’d get lucky, but...i have no way to test this. Good luck!

  • Thanks, that's exactly what I'm thinking. A bit kludgey but workable. I need find time to give it a shot.

  • @nondes said:
    Thanks, that's exactly what I'm thinking. A bit kludgey but workable. I need find time to give it a shot.

    Bear in mind these midi routing apps will add latency.

    Now, I'm not sure if it'll work, but worth a try...
    iConfig app allows you to rename attached devices/ports. It works here with iConnectMIDI4+.
    If you look at the first picture of the app in App Store, it shows mio in the list, so you might be able to rename them.

    If you'll be able to rename them, the new names will only appear after you reset your iPad, because this info gathered when the midi device attached for the first time.

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