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Doug Woods Could Use Our Help / Doug Speaks



  • I‘ll post here,too, because there seems to be some confusion about me going ahead and posting finished designs... . I was in PM with Doug, and he seemed to not want to get involved with the merch-posting himself. That‘s why I started finishing t-shirt designs for him and tried to post them on Amazon. Stupidly I worded there, that the proceeds of any sales will be going to Doug, and thus Amazon rejected my designs (-they might have given the impression, that Amazon themselves are donating here, which is not allowed).
    I am doing some designs on spreadshirt now, and won‘t talk about „donating“ any more (lesson learned). Anyways- all money from those designs will go to Doug, and all this is communicated to him already.

  • I did post some designs I made sofas in the other thread:

    ...and have some more on the plate, waiting for Doug approval.
    If anybody should wanna use one of mine as a template, please go forward, this is simply about Doug, and the more designs popping up, the better, I think.
    cheers, t

  • I postet my latest designs in the other thread ( Let me know what you think, especially Doug @thesoundtestroom . The latest compositions still need your approval. Thanks, cheers, t

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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • From the other thread: Yes, great. I would be all with that. For the time being, I‘ll wait for Dougs approval for the latest designs, then post approved ones on my spreadshirt account (they‘re waiting there just now to be released).
    Who knows, maybe Doug will get a taste and will also be able to start his very own merch-presence, in the future. If that happens, all my designs would simply go there, as well. (My spreadshirt account has other designs as well, not just these for thesoundtestroom... ).

    Spreadshirt does have a few different options (iphonecases, pillows and stuff). Once this has started, it will be easy to „stock up“, I think

  • I think some thought should be given to the marketing as well. Doug can certainly use his videos to promote. Maybe folks sending pics of them wearing tstr tees to him and he can show on the vids and offer a few free to patreons with a lottery, like he does the apps. At least you don’t need a code for this one, Doug!

    I am sure forum members will have a lot moremarketing ideas with their gigantic brains and enlarged hearts. (What an image). Thanks, all, for what you are doing for our friend.

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    The first few designs have started coming in (including my first attempt, link below), but the conversation seems to have now shifted to the other thread

    Other thread:

    My first artwork idea:

  • Is there anything happening in this department? 🎅🏻

  • @tk32 said:
    The first few designs have started coming in (including my first attempt, link below), but the conversation seems to have now shifted to the other thread

    Other thread:

    My first artwork idea:

    Love the Mug design pardon the pun Doug fab stuff. Hope it makes it to store.

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    @ExAsperis99 said:
    Excellent ideas, TK32. Obviously Doug will want to weigh in, but aren’t there some full-time graphic designers here?

    There are ... 10+ years in my case including some apparel design work. Happy to offer some designs for free.

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    Designer here as well. What stuff needs to be done?

    Did Doug ever take over the store that was set up, or start a new one?

  • Doug told me, he‘s going to do his own store. Since that does make much more sense, I stopped putting in any more work. I guess now it‘s like: waiting for him to set it up...

  • If Doug does setup his own store, count me in as another designer happy to contribute merchandise designs for him to freely consider and select from (or reject) as he chooses.

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