Create your dreams you mutants!

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Only the strong will techno, and only the free will survive! (this is very special and if you aren't worthy or special, please don't come...)

And its FREE.

And its your duty to DIY. Spaz will be there, I will be there, will you spaz with I? Luv ya.

Check spaz radio to get the vibe, which is wider than mozt can handle. i play on spaz radio frequently, and playing on their amazing system is legendary!! Bring your own system if you don't want to convince the 23 year OGs to letcha on...

But if you come, and drop your tunes, you can be sure someone will definitely hear! And you will make some new friends...

Only fest I've made it to for the 20th year, maybe I'll go back in time and make it 23!! Great number to come and see.

And its FREE!!!

location announcement is 7 days before the fest, if I forget, maybe be my memorex?

(this is truly experimental, truly supportive, truly diy culture, if you are missing something, and have no excuses, maybe don't miss this?)

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