I understand most iOS music apps are either IAA or AUv3 but what do you class AUM, Audiobus, BM3 and the like? I have an idea for an app that I am keen to make but not exactly savvy with terminology for these kind of apps (hosts) to get me started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hosts?

  • That's a Host App alright. Most Hosts are "DAW's" bit I can think of a few functional apps that support AU's and IAA's like MIDI Guitar 2, Quantiloop and AU Host 2.

    When I buy something that offers to "host" AUv3's I also check to see if it will support IAA apps. Then I check to see if it supports various MIDI interconnections with the most complex being the new MIDI FX apps. Sometimes they don't in the first few releases. Getting a large testing group using TestFlight probably helps cover the most bases.

    Saying you support AUv3, IAA and AudioBus insures a lot of buyers but puts you on the hook to fix a lot of
    issues after the sale which might mean buying a lot of apps to test and stamp out bugs.

    NanoStudio 2 for example is a host (DAW) that elected not to support IAA's and had some issues with MIDI FX apps. Apple just suggested IAA be deprecated. Choose wisely. The nature of your app might determine if this is important or not for development costs versus product revenue.

  • I think after looking through Apples Development site it looks to be Core Audio and Core Midi combining to what we call a "host". And yes, Apple have announced IAA will be deprecated.

    I definitely think I have found what I've been looking for, so I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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