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Mystery of 48/44khz sample rate inconsistency on new iPad MINI/AIR probably solved.

Ok, some users reported issue that on this year models, even if they connect headphones, ipad stays locked at 48khz - for other users it switches correctly to 44khz (and all apps runs at 44)

Now - looks i found why is this happening. Key thing is not iPad's OUTPUT D/A but iPad's INPUT A/D !

I notices, if i connect my HD650 into iPad, it stays at 48 khz. BUT if i connect my apple EarPods into jack connector, iPad switches immediately to 44khz (and all apps runs smoothly at 44 khz)

What is difference ? Ear pods jack connector has one more ring, for MICROPHONE in ! Looks this is solution of puzzle. Looks like iPads, when they receive mic input in jack connector, switches to 44khz. If there is just OUTPUT active, they stay at 48khz.


  • That's pretty wacky to switch to 44k for the mic input.

  • Well I'll be damned. Nice detective work.

    Could you please check: All apeSoft+Amazing Noises, BM3, AUM, AudioShare, Cubasis, Beathawk,

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