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FAC Bundle

If one has already bought the FAC Bundle in the past, how much do I have to pay in the new bundle to get FAC Bandit?


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    Hah, there are so many factors with “app store bundles” that there is no way for anyone to tell you, not even FAC himself.

    bundle prices seem confusing because everyone gets a different pricing. This is because the bundle price is set at a certain $ amount by the developer. Then the AppStore reduces that amount by any $ paid for any of the apps in the bundle that you have already purchased. If you bought any of the bundle apps on a big discount, then there are times that the bundle will actually cost more than just buying the apps in the bundle you don’t have.

    For me, as an example:

    You can see that it would cost me $32 to buy the current FAC bundle, but I’m only missing 2 apps, $8.99 each. For me it would be cheaper to just buy the two apps. This is because FAC set the bundle price discount based on the 5 apps at full price. And apparently I got the 3 apps I already own at a greater discount than the bundle discount (by a lot!)

    Of course the smart thing for me to do would be to buy the bundle for $32 so that FAC gets more money to maintain and build great iOS apps for us :)

  • Great post @Hmtx


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    Cheers @tk32

    So, I was just curious and checked the FAC Bundle link (in a browser not logged in to my iTunes):
    regular bundle price is $32.99, a good discount off the $40.95 for the five full priced apps.

    And it reminds me I got Envolver free, Chorus free, and paid $0.99 for Transient. The appStore discounted my bundle price by the 0.99 I already paid, bringing the bundle down to $32 even.

    Totally makes sense, but I can understand why people would get confused and just assume “bundle pricing is broken” :D

  • tjatja
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    Apple realy should fix this.
    It is not important how much you payed before and why.
    The bundle should always be at least a bit cheaper than the current sum of remaining single prices.

  • This is the only app in the history of the App Store that has been so crazy though with regard to bundles, right?

  • Love the apps, don’t mean to sound overly critical... just confused

  • @audiobussy said:
    This is the only app in the history of the App Store that has been so crazy though with regard to bundles, right?

    It’s the same for any bundle and any developer. The weird bundle pricing happens when apps in a bundle have been at extreme discounts (free or .99) and go back up to regular price

  • Except that I didn’t get any of his apps for free or $.99. This is not happened to me at this level from any other developer bundle

  • Hmm, well seeing as you haven’t told us what happened to you with this bundle... not sure how to help ;-)

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    Here's my FAC journey, in case it helps shed some light for others...

    • August 2017 - Purchased FAC Chorus for intro price of £2.99
    • April 2018 - Purchased FAC Transient for intro price of £6.99
    • April 2018 - Completed the original FAC Bundle for £5.01 (enabling me to acquire FAC Maxima at discount)

    fast forward to June 2019...
    The new bundle is showing for me as follows (Note - I already own 3 of the 5 apps, but have only paid £14.99 in total, as shown above)

    I'd just like to say, all these apps are totally worth every penny, and I feel a bit guilty that I managed to get 3 very impressive FAC plugins (with awesome new updates this week) for only £15 so far.

  • Oh that’s weird @tk32 I can’t figure out how your pricing ended up almost same as mine and I got my 3 of 5 apps for 0.99 total.


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    @Hmtx said:
    Oh that’s weird @tk32 I can’t figure out how your pricing ended up almost same as mine and I got my 3 of 5 apps for 0.99 total.


    Hey, I'm not complaining. I still got extreme value for money. Just considering whether to pay £19 for the two missing apps, or go all in for £32

  • Tape echo?

  • @gusgranite said:
    Tape echo?

    To me it sounds more like a reverb with a shimmer option :)

  • Hashtags mention Shimmer Reverb.

  • Sounds like shimmer. Has what sounds like that classic octave up reverb tail.

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    I pre-ordered not because I “need” it but because FAC apps are so well done and it’s a lone developer who I think deserves the business. @FredAntonCorvest

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