Audio Evolution secondary volume control plugin / midi mapping

I am setting up a track in Audio Evolution and I had a question~~

I have an instance of BeatHawk setup as an AUV3 loaded in a midi instrument within an AEM track

I would like to control the plugin’s volume via midi, but NOT the main track volume itself, meaning I would like to load an effect plugin onto the track that has a secondary volume control that can be controlled via midi(this way I can still adjust the relative track volume using the conventional AEM volume fader for the track)

Is anyone aware of a plug-in that is well suited for this? Is it possible to map plugin parameters to midi CC using AEM 3 or would I need to rely on a plugin that has built in midi assignment capabilities?

Thank you so much!


  • You can midi learn the volume control for the volume control within Beathawk. I just tried and it works...

  • @wim amazing thank you for this~ are you aware of any other auv3 plugs that would allow for this that I could insert into the effect chain? I would like to be able to swap out beathawk for other synths easily without having to reassign the midi while keeping the same cc controlling the volume of the channel

  • None among the apps I own. All the AU’s rely on AU parameter automation rather than midi cc learn.

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