IAA, Background Audio, and Core Midi/ IAA Midi

All this IAA deprecation talk has got me wondering about this stuff. Isn’t IAA different than background audio? For example, Zeeon has no IAA implementation, but has background audio. And is Core midi different from IAA midi. When working with iSymphonic in BM2 I usually have to choose and I say use both. I’m really out of the loop with this stuff, just wondering about the technical details and what functionality is really going away with deprecation (I know it won’t go away right away etc).

Bonus points for answering:

1) Would I still be able to use Guitarism as a controller, and record the output (for example, SampleTank American Acoustic)?
2) Would I still be able to route midi/ audio into BM2? I do one track at a time, but different apps on different MIDI channels so that playback can be all at once. I can send a BM2 project if that helps to better explain.

Thanks in advance.

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