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Just what is a docking station?

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what is a docking station?
How does it work?
Precisely what is its function?
Will it turn a laptop,into a stationary unit(desktop)?


  • I have a docking station for my work laptop. It is nice to have. Yes it sorta turns it into a desktop. While on the dock it charges, has VGA port, extra powered USB ports, etc.

    it allows me to undock my laptop and move around with it and then dock it back to use it similar to a desktop without having to fool with plugging the power cord back in the keyboard mouse extra monitor external hard drive, etc. it just sits back on the dock and everything is connected.

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    I saw a HDD docking station with clone function, would you please tell me the difference between the one you said and HDD docking station? I possibly misunderstood they had same function.

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    I think that in the context of this forum and music making , you are possibly enquiring about something like these two; and

    Basically a hardware interface between input devices (keyboards, controllers, microphones etc.) the iPad and the software on it.

  • Or maybe this :-)

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