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Help me find (something like) NS 1's Eden for OSX

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I'm looking for a super simple "virtual analog" style AU instrument (for OSX) that supports using a sample as an oscillator.

I'm using Logic X for the first time in years and man, the built-in instruments are totally confounding me. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm 1) old and 2) trying to use these on an 11" MacBook Air so I can't a damn thing on something like EXS-24. :s

1. Sample as oscillator. Don't need multi-sampling, time-stretch or anything advanced. Just the ability to loop and play chromatically (faster when played higher is a-ok). I guess basic sample 'root note' tuning is implied here.
2. Subtractive analog style other bits. LP Filter, 1-2 Env, 1-2 LFOs...

1. Easy to see with older-than-I-want-to-admit eyes.
2. Free (this is just a bonus—willing to buy something)
3. As few as possible other features.

A little context... not really looking for something that will actually end up in finished recordings. The purpose is to sample synth sounds from multi-track live synth jams with a buddy to arrange the jams into something more like songs. So, sample some sound from some track, recreate and develop the recorded audio part as MIDI (pointed at the sample) and then later go back and use the original sound to record the entire newly-arranged part live.

So, yeah, Eden. :)

I'm also willing to be slapped with a glove that says some variation of "Just learn EXS-24, ninny".

PS. I could run Nanostudio 1 in the background but that's not going to work for this project.


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  • Derp! Been so long off the desktop that I forgot that "there's a website for that". Thanks, KVR

    Lots of results there to sift through. Maybe too many so still very open-eared.

  • @EyeOhEss said:
    Personally if it’s just for ‘placeholder’ sound during composition, and will be replaced eventually by the original hardware sound again, then I’d just use any sound that was ballpark to compose the midi... skip the sampling process/effort/time altogether...

    Unless the sounds are rhythmic (arpeggios, weird samples etc) or super complex/broad in terms of their eq/sweeps/envelopes etc... But if that’s the case then a single sample stretched across keys without Timestrech isn’t really going to be much more help than a ballpark approximation in any case...

    For the task you’re outlining it just seems like it’d be less headache to just grab a similar lead/bass/pad or whatever and then just replace it at the end? Same result at the end of it...

    Thanks. Actually, I agree and that was the original idea. Alas, I can't seem to find presets that are close enough to the original sounds to make me ignore the difference. And I keep running into WTF road-block moments with even basic (to me) synthesis operations with some of the Logic instruments. "How do I assign this LFO to the filter cutoff in this thing?" or "Something else must be opening the envelope but I can't find it" or "How do I load a sample into ESX-24?" sort of stuff. This is on me for sure. I'm prolly just expecting things to be where I think they should be and getting frustrated because it's not there and I just want to work on a tune. Hence, "Please, gimme Eden!" which I know inside and out. Not even looking for Obsidian, mind! :)

    Some positive developments since posting... Apple's own AUSampler has a small and convoluted UI but seems like it'll actually do what I'm after. Currently trying to sort out how to route the LFO.

    Also, re: "How do I load a sample into ESX-24?"... some World Wide Web surfing has revealed that one needs to go to Logic Settings -> Advanced and then toggle "Show Advanced Tools" ON and then toggle "Advanced Editing" ON just so you can see the sample area of this sampler. Because, Apple.

  • Scylla looks pretty much exactly like what I I'm looking for but it's Windows only. Sharing in case any windows brethren might be looking for the same. :+1:

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    One easy way to make a sample instrument in ESX24 is to drag the audio file into the arrange window, then right click on it and select "Convert to new sampler track" from the pop menu convert sub menu. This will create a new EXS24 sample and replace the audio region with MIDI region and inserts a note which will play back your sample as if it were a loop.

    Once you have created the new sample instrument you can go in and edit the parameters fairly easily to make the sample play chromatically if you want.

    You can also ask it to automatically chop up the sample and create notes to play the loop back in time.

    Chameleon can also use samples as oscillators but is a bit more complicated to work out but has a nice UI than the ancient 1990s EXS24 plugin.

  • I would suggest you dive into the powerhouse that is Alchemy synth if using Logic. Loading samples is pretty straight forward and lots of options for mangling or just keeping it simple. There are some great tutorials on the youtubes. Also the ui is resizable :)

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    didn't tried it but just based on UI this looks like good candidate

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