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Focusrite iTrack Dock

I have no world to describe this:



  • Pretty neat and a great song too! :)

  • Linky

    Let's hope they don't price this out of the market. $200 would be a killer price for this.
    End of all other half baked docks
    ...also hope it doesn't come out like near Christmas !!
    There's gonna be a new ipad by then !

  • I hope they are going to reveal the price and a sure release date during this winter NAMM.
    But, I think they are releasing this unit soon, the site is full of concrete infos.

  • I think this tool will destroy my battery-duration-phobia. :D

  • Music Radar is quoting a $249.00 RRP.

  • I think they got Auria and Cubasis mixed up ;)

  • Does the USB MIDI port support hubs? If not, only one controller, deal killer for me.

  • edited January 2014

    @dwarman said:

    Does the USB MIDI port support hubs? If not, only one controller, deal killer for me.

    This is the million dollar question for all of these new interfaces that have the USB "midi" port. The Apogee duet does not. Let's hope these new ones do.

    Notice that it says the USB midi port is class compliant vs. core midi. This is promising.

  • This looks really nice. I've already got my Apogee interfaces but Focusrite looks like they got it right with this! This looks ideal for a friend of mine.

  • No old school midi. I love my FCB1010. I guess you could use one of those USB to midi adapters. Would still need a USB hub, more than likely powered.

  • @dwarman said:

    Does the USB MIDI port support hubs? If not, only one controller, deal killer for me.

    It is an audio interface, it isn't HAL :D
    I think it can't feel the difference between a master keyboard and a midi to usb device, midi is midi, it's an universally speaking. :)

  • MIDI is MIDI, but the low level USB protocols are different when talking via a hub than when talking direct to a slave. So also is the core level handling to instantiate multiple Class Compliant MIDI HID channels to the upstream host (MIDI is a subset of Audio HID, which is why Windows shows it as an Audio device).

    I await a guinea pig. Of a Focusrite lurker to reveal.

  • No midi.


  • Plus the air sticks out exposing the edges to damage.

  • @dwarman if it is Apple certified the midi port will not support hubs.

  • edited June 2014

    Fast forward to June, some people should have the iTrack dock by now right? Has anyone tested the USB hub or USB to MIDI converter cable experiment? (fingers crossed)

  • edited June 2014

    Well I got this thing. What's odd is now there appears to be some kind of delay with these shipping, which makes me wonder. It seems only a handful of folks have one now.
    I'm not a home so I can't test infill next week, unfortunately.

  • edited June 2014

    USA. It was up on B&H Photo for a couple days now it's gone everywhere in the USA, apparently. I've seen this more than once before. A retailer gets a small batch a month before there's wide stock. (I just don't want to beta test :D ). But if the UK folks have them, they're taking care of their side first.

    Musician's Friend, although a great company, isn't the first place I would expect to get hot new items. They are so large, they don't hustle like the smaller guys.

  • Ordered one from B&H as well. Should be here on the 11th. YAY!

  • Hey dudes ! I have iTrack dock at home and connected with my iPad Air. Mics and instruments inputs are pretty awesome, true clean! I have tested JAMUP, Amplitube no latency, Killer sound! Midi USB port dont work with active/passive USB HUB (tested), After connecting my keyboard by MIDI to USB cabel - everything works in garage band, like keyboards organs etc. BUT after connecting my FCB1010 no midi respond... i have using the same USB/MIDI cabel... Any idea why isnt working?

  • edited June 2014

    I read another post somewhere about a midi issue, and it being flakey. This person, as I recall, said something about a particular keyboard not showing up, and that they sent an email to Focusrite. So perhaps we have a problem. Hopefully, we can isolate what it is.
    It's certainly an unusual port for midi.

  • @Maggie it sucks about the usb midi. I thought the idea WAS to connect a midi keyboard as one would to a computer. What is it's intended function then? Does it say in the instructions?

  • I think the problem is the use of a MIDI to USB cable. The iTrack Dock is intended to be used with devices with USB MIDI ports .. not 5 pin DIN ports like the FCB1010.

  • In instruction its only - you can connect midi keyboard or controller class compilant. Nothing more... But my keyboard its 5 pin DIN same like fcb1010 i dont get it where is the problem :)

  • Well, i put focusrite back to store and try my luck with Alesis IO dock II, the midi works at all levels !! With my keyboard and also with fcb1010!! But sound of their microphone/instrument inputs are VERY BAD ! Latency around i quess 15ms... Focusrite is twice faster... Very noisy... :(

  • @Maggi said:

    In instruction its only - you can connect midi keyboard or controller class compilant. Nothing more... But my keyboard its 5 pin DIN same like fcb1010 i dont get it where is the problem :)

    Well, if they mention class compliant then any old akai mpk mini, novation launchkey and many other plug and play boards and other controllers should work just fine.

  • @Maggi does the Alesis I0 dock 2 work with the iPad Air? I keep reading users that have gotten it to work and others that have not. Can you confirm?

  • Itrack dock is not accepting the new akai mpk mini mk2, at least I couldn't get it connected!!! But why is it accepting the mpk mini but not the mk2??? It is working but only with Apples camera connection kit and a powerless USB Hub... Can this be fixed bye akai during firmware update or no chance? What do you think???

  • edited July 2014

    I had problems connecting MIDI controllers to the iTrack. Beatstep and OP-1.
    Try the following steps.

    1: Run either the Novation Launch pad or Launch key apps on the iPad.

    2: Make sure power is off to the iTrack.

    3: Dock the iPad and connect your controller to the MIDI port.

    4: Turn on power to the iTrack

    May want to try this a few times if it does not work at first.

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