Xynthesizr outdoor live performance (w/ Patterning, Fugue Machine, iVCS3, iPulsaret, Zeeon, etc.)

edited June 3 in Creations

Live Performance with Xynthesizr, Fugue Machine and Patterning.

This track has been hanging around for a year but I never got around to recording it. But since Xynthesizr seems to be having a moment I was inspired to finish this.

Xynthesizr is playing it's built-in synth as well as sequencing an instance of Zeeon with its lower 2 octaves.

Fugue Machine is playing another instance of Zeeon; Patterning is providing the drums; iPulsaret is the drone; with iVCS3 for the alt sections.

Effects include Crystalline, Dubstation 2, Daedalus and Replicant 2
Hosted in Audiobus and AUM with Rozeta XY for additional control.


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