New shutterwax release

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As far as iOS goes, we used addictive synth for the pad in the bridge, as well as one of the Mellatron apps, I think Supermanetron.

Mic swap also played a big role in this one because the vocals were recorded on two Sennheiser handheld dynamic mics and the whole song is one performance. I really liked the energy that they had when they sang and so we didn’t want to re-cut the vocals, however there were some sound quality issues because Harvey was jumping around a lot while he was singing and so the mic did not stay in a consistent place. I believe I used a ribbon mic preset in MicSwap but I could be wrong. Finally, this past week I decided to re-amp the vocal tracks back through my 500 series preamps (Bart hrk colour preamp with the British console and 15ips colour modules and a neve copy) and a hardware compressor; that did the trick. The song was recorded about five years ago, but I could never get the mix together the way I liked. I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out now. I hope you enjoy it!

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