KB-1 and 2iPads... Thanks for the advice!

This video shows KB-1 and AUM working together. What is the hook up procedure, please?


  • blue tooth midi

  • @RubenDari ... a little more detail, please.

  • I do this all the time, use kb-1 on my iPhone to control synths in my iPad or ableton.
    Just turn on Bluetooth and drop down the menu and select Bluetooth midi and set up kb-1 out to the same

  • There are a few possibilities, but I would use midifire, which enables you to make your iPad a Bluetooth host which apps on another iPad or iPhone can connect to.

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    Specifically it's these two settings at the bottom. Turn on the setting to "advertise" for the device with KB-1, and then select "find and connect" on the device with the synth.

    Then you just route KB-1 to the other device, it will show up in AUM, AB, and apeMatrix. Not sure about Cubasis.

  • Thank you all for the helpful advice. I look forward to giving it a try!

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