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I wrote a novel! House of Pigs...

edited January 2014 in Creations

Hey all.

I know this is a music forum and that writing books is not musical. It doesn't make any sound generally. Perhaps you could say it's musical in the sense that... um, no. You couldn't.

Anyway, I was at lunch with the publisher today and he said I should be shouting about it. So here - READ MY BOOK! Um, please. If you like reading books.

It is called House of Pigs and is a sort of paranormal thriller with some horror, violence, swearing, mild peril, moderate peril, death, more swearing, some running, a bit of shouting, some mild mannered comedy, some violence, and some strong religious imagery. It could not have any of those things actually. So long since I wrote it.

Anyway, for anyone who might be interested, here's a link:

And, interestingly, possibly, I have been composing a soundtrack to accompany the book which I hope to have finished by the spring. Thanks for your time, if you made it this far. And if anyone knows any book reviewers who could help me get exposure, I'd be grateful for any help!




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