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Box app-50 GB free cloud storage-Dropbox killer?

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They are giving away 50 GB free for the first month


  • Wow, they're certainly not bashful about just blatantly copying Dropbox. I'll take 50gb of storage for free, sure. Still feels a little dirty.

  • I think Dropbox has a big lead on them, as so many apps have already integrated Dropbox. Not sure if anyone else can get a foot in the door at this point.

  • And besides the big lead Dropbox already has, from what I can tell there doesn't appear to be a desktop sync app yet, which is the whole reason I love Dropbox. Also, they want you to sign up for a paid account in order to be able to view file history and revert to a previous copy. These are both standard with Dropbox. Again, I'll take the free storage and thanks for the link, but a Dropbox "killer" this is not.

  • I got that 50gb free thing on Box a couple of years ago via the iOS app. Just a promo they do from time to time.

    Dropbox only gives you 2gb. If you want more it's $100. I Wish they'd offer a few more price selections and storage amount. I also read the fine print on Dropbox for the first time today, and they reserve the rights to delete free accounts without notice, they also reserve the right to delete files without notice. Doesn't feel that safe to use Dropbox as a backup anymore. Maybe Box has a similar clause somewhere tho..

  • Nobody provides free storage without a get-out clause. Shit happens...

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    Totally agree, it sucks about the lack of desktop sync for box, that's how I get a lot of midi files and samples for iOS use into Dropbox.

    You can get up to 16 GB free at Dropbox, 500 MB for each person that signs up from your link. Everyone I know already has DB but I'm up to 6GB.

  • The email I just received from BOX has a link to what appears to be exactly the sync you all are wishing for. 50GB Welcome-12.31.2013-US&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua

  • Yep, @OmnilimbO. You're right. I think that's the same thing. I'm going to check it out and see to make sure. 50 gb is 50gb. I won't turn it down for sure. Thanks for the links today.

  • I've had Box for some time. Not a bad solution for file storage, but there aren't any music apps that I'm aware of that have Box built in, so Dropbox definitely has a leg up there.

    @allDevs - is there a reason why Box isn't considered in your apps?

  • i've also used Box for a while and aside from music apps ignoring it, it is a better all around service than Dropbox. pretty much every productivity app out there has it as a standard cloud option now and that's mostly what i use it for. can't beat the amount of storage either. this is the first time i've gotten upgraded as an existing user so that was nice.

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    Audioshare allows you to shoot files up to Box using its "Open In" function. Very smooth and quick. So does AudioMastering and AnyTune Pro. It looks like any app that has Open In should do this.

  • I'd forgotten that Audioshare supports it. Having Audioshare and 50G is going to be great!

  • Box has a simple Player for music you store in there. Looks like it's going to be where I stick all my junk that I've piled up in various apps on me IPad. This ought to loosen Auria up a bit.

  • I heard there's a 250MB file size upload limit for this 50GB promotion, anyone able to confirm?

  • Got it yesterday :-) Who cares if Dropbox has a lead? Not moi. Competition is good and 50 GB puts Dropbox to shame? Not really but this is very welcomed. Suddenly cloud space has a very different meaning.

    @Tarekith - that is correct.

  • Just signed up and only got 10 gigs. Did I miss the party or do I have to do something specific.

  • Correction, app says 50 gigs, website said 10, now says 50. Doubt I'll ever find out which is true. Shame about the 250mb limit. Was hoping to use it as a backup backup. Like, old disk images and my entire iphoto library.

    Also, Dropbox has the folder-on-your-computer with resumed uploads/downloads thing going on. Box has it too but looks like you have to upgrade to a business account. Ho hum.

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    Las years, buying some Xperia models you get 50 Gb for free and my son did.
    Everything is welcome,but remember the cloud real, so I'll never put in som relevant information whitout a copy in my computer, which it means...another 50 Gb?
    Anyway, Dropbox (I have +5Gb for free, there are tips uploading pictures from USB to increase your account). GoogleDrive, Skydrive and Box, I think is more than enough for what I need.

  • @syrupcore said:

    Also, Dropbox has the folder-on-your-computer with resumed uploads/downloads thing going on. Box has it too but looks like you have to upgrade to a business account. Ho hum.

    I have BoxSync with a free account. You should be able to just download/install it and sign into your account.

  • Yup, BOX's desktop synch is free to free users too, and it works beautifully.

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    Apart from the Dropbox alternatives mentioned: MediaFire is also a nice one (10 Gb for free).

    The app CloudBeats is a very good app for playing the music you have uploaded to several services. Its a music player, I like it and use it. It supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MediaFire, Skydrive.

  • @fjcblanco Thanks for the tip about uploading photos/videos from your idevice/computer! I bumped up my space from 2.9gb to 6.9gb (also downloaded the mailbox app and connected it to Dropbox , that gives you 1gb, just delete it when done lol).

  • @ChrisG, and thanks to you for the MailBox tip. This is the right definition of synergy!

  • I actually used a referral deal on fiverr for dropbox a long time ago, and it was definataly worth it. Bumped my account to maximun refferals within a couple of hours.

    Just make sure you use someone with a good rating!!!!

  • And a very good synergy when it involves free stuff! :)

    @kloon Damn, 16 GB is max for referals, and 500mb each.

    I remembered trying to cheat when i got the account, by setting up two different accounts on 2 different devices and different emails. But i forgot about the IP, and Dropbox recognized that it all was coming from the same IP. So those two emails got marked "suspicious" (and obviously did´nt give me the extra space lol). Anyway, just a heads to anyone trying to cheat the system, that it might not work. :)

  • @ChrisG - hahahaha. Nice try :)

  • @syrupcore

    I signed up through the app (rather than at their website) and got 50gb after confirming my email. They sent me an email stating "You now have 50gb of storage". Haven't tried using Box yet but 50bg was too good an offer to pass up.

  • Thank you @matt and @donb720.

  • Mmmm, nothing happens when link my MailBox account...It doesn't matter, 5 Gb is enough for me. :)

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