PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Filterbank Sequencing

So, I discovered this euro module by Flame which is a 12 bank filterbank that has a sequencer:

Thoughts on doing in iOS? Either with series of filters and LFOs, wonder if Mozaic can help?


  • Audulus might be your best bet

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    A filterbank does not work with series of filters ;)
    its parallel bandpassfilters filtering the same input ...

    you can use a vocoder too
    a filterbank is a vocoder without the envelope followers ...
    use the other input of the vocoder to control what's happening instead of the lfos ... aka drumcomputer
    thats why the demo video of this sounds so vocoderish ;)

  • Hmm, righto. @Max23 So, would a Vocoder au be best?

  • The Moog 15 has an eight band filterbank (plus LP and HP).

  • 4Pockets Graphic EQ also works. Both this and the Moog are static however while the Flame had VCAs per band. Nothing like that exists currently on iOS, asaik.

    Hm, you could have 12 instances of your source in AUM and in the effect slot you could then put 12 instances of FAC Envolver, followed each time by the AUM Para EQ, tuned to a different band. If your device can handle that...

  • @nondes said:
    Hmm, righto. @Max23 So, would a Vocoder au be best?

    not as much hussle as the other options.

  • Audulus may not work with your module

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