Tribute To A Fallen God / Cubasis Microsonic

Microsonic's tape instruments are recently added and quite good. I used tape flute, strings and choir on this. I also coupled my Shigeru grand patch with a slightly retuned piano. Altogether an effective group of Cubasis patches IMO.


  • Great composition/ improv and playing.

  • Yes, really well done - you developed some personal style there with the sparse, but well placed background elements. The doubled piano adds an interesting color, I enjoyed the track.
    Didn't take too long for you get aquainted with your new tools :+1:

  • Mum would have loved this, back in 70’s she took me into the jazz clubs, most pubs with musicians that just turned up. Somebody would appear from the audience with a trombone and just start playing. Where did they hide their instruments. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.

  • Thank you @ajmiller for your continued listening. Much valued.

    @telefunky. Thank you for your support. It has been a year since I started with iOS. Thanks to yourself and others I have been able to learn a lot and improve the musical results. You are one of the tech wizards here. Very grateful to you and the forum.

    Thank you, @Metalman, glad to oblige. Those tape sounds are a bit nostalgic but not sure that is what you meant. I appreciate your listening and taking the time to comment.

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