Why C is the first scale without accidentals and other music theories

The Convoluted History of Note Names

Why There are Twelve Notes in Music

Why We Use 12 Notes

Why It's Impossible to Tune a Piano


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    Music And Measure Theory

  • Didn't watch the videos, but for me, A is and will always be the "first" note. It's the first letter in the alphabet, it's the tuning reference, A minor has all white keys, so it feels just as "natural" on a piano keyboard as C major. :)

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    C is one of the simplest things to do as you dont need to use the black keys.
    Another trick is just use the black keys (the pentatonic) if you dont understand any music theory.
    (you always get told that with music theory you can transpose anything to any key, but its not really true, as you change the feeling of the piece by transposing it ..., it gets very obvious if it change it from minor to major, its more subtile if the transposition stays with minor, but it still changes the feel of it ...)
    smells like teen spirit in a major key

    (I can't find the video I am looking for, someone did it with melodyne)
    long story short: music theory isn't the solution to everything about music

    tuning a piano is very difficult, if you just use measuring equipment it sounds very odd because you need to consider the overall sound, so its in tune with itself.
    I had a guy from a music shop come over and tune it, he just used a tuner (frequency counter) and it sounded bad, it was in key but ...
    had an old music professor to come over and tune it by ear two weeks later. sounds wonderful. :)
    dont ask what that stunt did cost to have it tuned two times :#

    the video about the piano has wrong information
    on the very left end of it, the lowest octave, its a single string per note, as you go up the octaves you have additional strings per note ..., 2 strings per note & 3 strings per note (that's why it takes several hours to tune it)
    to be able to tune it by ear you need to hear perfect pitch, thats what makes it very expensive because only a few people hear pitch perfect.
    its a very complex instrument (that looks simple).
    Thats why digital fakes are unable to reproduce all aspects of it.
    its a very different sound if you sit infront of a real piano and play it vs. playing physical modeling or samples.

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