Best Audio Visual Generator apps?

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for audio visual generator apps?


  • VJ style
    K Machine - recently updated
    Takete - not
    I personally havent seen any VJ style apps updated recenty but I dont own them all.

    If you want to make videos ...

    The best video editor*
    LumaFusion - dont even hesitate
    Try LumaFX to check out their app's quality if your unsure. Then buy via bundle

  • STAELLA - Music Visualizer by monocro

  • Thanks all.

    I used to use an piece of software called visual jockey on the pc, this was a modular building block vj piece of software which used soniq plugins, shame they never updated the software for modern pc's.

  • Phew Takete costs over £50 and has not been updated since 2017 :(

    STAELLA - dummy audio input does not sync with music which is a shame but due to apples drm policy on music :(

    So I think I will have a look at K Machine and LumaFusion for now.

    I would have thought their would be more audio visual apps for the ipad.

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