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Hey devs... Is this possible? An AU that acts as an IAA host?

So just how some desktop daws that didn’t support vst’s had VST “wrappers”, is there any way a dev could make an AU that acts as an IAA host/window so that an IAA could be used in AUM and avoid app switching?

Or is that jus not possible in iOS?


  • Why not just load the IAA in AUM directly?

  • @brambos said:
    Why not just load the IAA in AUM directly?

    How would this help to avoid switching between apps and showing the IAA as a window in AUM or apeMatrix?

  • 'Cause app switching is a pain in my ass. :)

    I'm imagining having a small window in AUM that holds the IAA so it's easier to go from tweaking AUM stuff to tweaking IAA stuff.

  • I can't see how it would be possible since the IAA plugin is only the audio and midi data being routed and the app itself is sandboxed.

  • to my knowledge, AU plugin cannot act as IAA host.. not completely sure but i think ...

    If it would be possible, i can inagine having AU plugin with lets say 8 or 16 macro knobs, with possible midi cc asignment (many iaa synths are possible to control via midi CC), caoable to host IAA - in that case for basic tweaking (or automation) it will be not needed to switch to IAA synth screen, but just would use (previously properly mapped) macros of AU plugin..
    That would be nice.

  • IAA apps are full-screen. There’s no way around that. None. No matter what you do, you’re switching apps when you use an IAA app. Even if you could make an AU be an IAA host (you can’t), you’d just be adding a layer. When you switched to the hosted app within the AU “host”, it’d go full screen.

    Audiobus has the next best thing, IMO. There’s always the app switcher where you can jump around. And, with MIDI learn, you can bring any AB compatible app to the foreground from an external controller. AUM can do this too, but only for AU apps, not IAA.

    IAA apps should always have the little IAA control panel to make it easy to switch between apps, but they don’t always implement it, or they only implement it on one screen of a multiple screen app.

  • The only way to not switch apps is to use slide over or split screen, or if the app has really good AB remote support.
    Because what @wim said.
    Full screen makes you switch.

  • wimwim
    edited May 13
  • @wim said:

    I’m curious what you point is?

    My point would be that Moebius Lab is an IAA audio host where you can do more of a set it up and forget it type of workflow. While it’s certainly not what you’re asking for, some forum members might like it.

  • wimwim
    edited May 13

    I always forget about Moebius Lab, and when I do go back to it, I wonder why I don’t use it more often.

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