Which mac?

Cracked the screen on my iPad Pro. The cost of replacement is a hell of a lot and I’m somewhat disillusioned with iOS anyway so I think I want to go back to having a pc as my circumstances have changed since I went iOS only (ex made me sell everything and kicked me out of my studio) but I’m now living on my own again with a music space in my home.

I don’t know what my budget for a pc is yet but I want to keep it as low as posssible..

I’m thinking about going down the mac and Logic Pro x route but I’ve no idea which Mac to get.

Everywhere I read recommends at least 16gb ram but most new iMac and MacBooks only come with 8 unless you upgrade.. do I really need 16? Would you get a new Mac or would you buy second hand and if you went second hand what age would you look for that is going to keep up for a few years?

I rarely go over 30 tracks, probably usually 50% midi 50% audio and I’m fully aware of freezing/bouncing ect..


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    iMacs have user upgradable RAM, so see how you get on with 8, and put another 8 in if you need it.

    My MacBook Pro only has 8, and I run Live, Maschine, Reason and Logic on it ok, though I tend to record MIDI onto audio tracks.

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    For the planning for the future, 16gb is the way to go with a new computer. MacBookPro is more portable so while more expensive up front, better investment imo.

    The best cost to features option is actually Mac Mini if you don't want something portable and have a monitor already or are willing to buy one.

  • I recently went with a Mac Mini (2018, w/ top tier cpu) as my dedicated music box. (Switched from an all purpose Win 10 desktop) Been a wonderful experience so far — My only regret is that I should have went with with the base 8gb RAM and bought 16gb aftermarket to install myself ..would have saved $100 or so over the Apple tax.

    The magic trackpad 2 I picked up with it has also been a huge step up in efficiency (and less painful) than using a mouse for hours at a time. I figure it’ll also come in handy when Mac OS is updated with their planned iOS app compatibility layer. That’ll be a dream to use all the great iOS instruments and effects alongside Logic or Mac Ableton ;) (though macOS already has excellent native support for using iPad or iPhones as a midi/Audio interface)

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    Does it have to be a Mac? That doesn’t seem the most ideal investment if trying to save money. That said, if going that route, a Mac mini may be worth considering. Give up the portability of an mbp (several of which are suffering hardware issues) to save some money and still have a good Mac. If you do get an mbp, get one with 16gb if you can since I don’t believe it’s possible to upgrade the ram yourself.

    I have a 2015 mbp w/16gb and don’t see a need to upgrade anytime soon (will upgrade my 7 yr old pc instead).

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