Freakin Atude / Catastrophic Jazz

edited May 11 in Creations

This one was like pulling teeth in the mix. @McD, ultimately I ignored the CPU overload knowing it would be overcome by the buffering (?) in the mixdown. This required a real-time mixdown, yet only 90 mgbytes. WTF

Improvised on my Kawai, split keyboard and midi tracks for a discrete bass track. 2 tracks RC275 piano, BeatHawk pizz strings, iSymph Spicatto and Legato strings, iFretless Bass, SoftDrummer,
Microsonic House Kit and a cameo (but effective) appearance at the end by SynthScaper LE (not ready to tackle the full version yet).

As I said, this was a bitch inspired by the resurrection (in my heart) of the immortal Frank Zappa and all he brought to the game.


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