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What do you think about Stroke Machine?

I was thinking... ok I don't need another groovebox/drum machine/synth/step sequencer as I'm still dealing with Rebirth, iElectribe, bleepBOX, FunkBox, iMPC, DM1, Electrify (the original), etc, etc, etc..
But I couldn't resist and got this one when I saw the review by Sonic Touch, the guys there are great.
No regrets! One of the best drum synthesizers on iOS!

Like iElectribe and bleepBOX, this is more like a real drum synth, not a drum sample player as most of the above, and it is so deep and yet so simple to program.

24 tracks, Fast LFOs and Envelopes, tons of modulation (with mod recording), great FM possibilities, flexible oscillators with tweakable waveforms, smooth filters, nice gritty and dirty sounds, fat bottom end... Really nice app!

On the downside, it misses some sounds when playing patterns, and it needs a fix for realtime pattern switching (a bug), but the fix is coming on the next update I think.

What do you think of it when compared with other similar apps?


  • I'm warming up to it. Looking at it as a pure drum synthesizer, removing all the drum samples it uses, it's no slouch at producing some cool drum sounds. SeekBeats is still far ahead of anything else on iOS in this area though, for anyone looking for other pure drum synths w. no samples.

    I'd like to see a higher resolution, zoom able, grid in the sequencer. 16 steps is a bit limiting for a modern software groove box. Or even better, higher res like 32-64 steps and being able to subdivide the steps by up to four or something (like WeJaam).

  • I think it sounds fantastic and when you're programming new cool sounds just fall out of it with every new modulation. Even the melodic synth engine sounds great and its fast to program. I like the pattern overview and even the colour scheme :)

    The pattern management could be a lot better. Having to save each individual pattern as a kit then use the not currently functioning real time pattern switcher is not ideal. I also can't get copy and paste to work so creating anything over two bars is a problem.

    Currently thinking of using it for the initial sound creation then dumping the loops to Electrify Nxt where I can then make variations and mix and match parts to my hearts content. Only problem might be whether it stops sounding as good once it's been pulled into what's effectively another sampler.

  • For me it's one of the best drum app. It sound like the attack vst plugin (waldorf).
    Easy to use, and easy to make your own sound.
    I think it's a good thing to be able to mix drumsynth sound with sample sound. The effects are really good too.
    There is some little bugs for the moment... But for me it's one of my favorite app.For me it's the best sounding drum app

  • Hmm .. after resisting this for a good few weeks, all your positive comments are sucking me in.. and sucking £13.99 out of my bank ;)

    Probably need to buy shades to wear while playing it too.... damn.

  • @skoptic Just make sure you've got plenty processing power and can live with the bugs!

  • edited January 2014

    @skoptic : I'm agree with skipp : Only if you can live with the bugs. Or wait for an update.

  • @goldfish said:

    @skoptic : I'm agree with skipp : Only if you can live with the bugs. Or wait for an update.

    And remember : No Audiocopy or audiobus for the moment.

    I agree I have this for review, and until the bugs are fixed its not really worth doing a video, however when its all sorted it will be awesome and once you get your head around the way it works its actually straightforward..but that the problem once you understand it and start to dig in the frustration kicks in because it don't function properly. To be honest this needed more testing before it was released.

  • Now that I have upgraded to Air it is a different beast. Excellent in fact, I rescind all my cursing and negative responses.

  • Yeah, I agree there are bugs. The only bugs I came across up till now are the ones pointed in my first post. It misses a lot of sounds during pattern play and you cannot use pattern switching in realtime. Are there other ones I'm not aware of? Thanks!

  • Random unexpected tax rebate = guilt free stroking ;)

    I'm knee deep in 1st pattern and liking it!

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