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OT - I finally achieved a lifelong dream (serious - not clickbait)

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3 years ago, nearly to the day, I found out that I was eligible to apply for citizenship recognition through Italy.

This morning at 1:45am I got my notice that I am officially an Italian citizen.

I've wanted to be "European" my entire life. I've always idolized Europe and have been a Europhile as long as I can remember. I've always been envious of anyone who lived abroad, held dual-citizenships, is bilingual or just generally could roam the continent freely.

I can't believe that this is real right now - it still feels like I'm just making it all up and someone's about to pop out to tell me I've been Pranked. I'm often envious of those of you outside the US on this board simply because you're not here and am where I yearn to be.

So thanks - I can't believe that because of this, it is that much more likely that I'll get to meet more of you in the actual flesh. You guys and gals brighten my life DAILY and I get excited when I realize it's been a few hours since I've checked in. Thanks for all your continuing support - expect the Mobile Music Minstrel to become that much more mobile in the future.

THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS. Please keep that shit out of this thread - I'm simply wanting to celebrate this achievement. My wife and I have been trying to move abroad for the last 5 years since my daughter was born - far longer than the current political climate here in the states. While it is true that the situation has certainly made the desire to leave that much stronger, you can debate the politics on the other threads all you want. Please keep it out of here.



  • Happy for you man!
    So,we’ll meet soon in france?

  • Congratulations, nice to see people happier than before. Interesting. Just wondering -- as Europe has a lot of different countries with quite different cultures (I've lived and worked quite "extensively" in three of them) -- can you give examples on what typically "European" stuff you love? (outside of politics, according to your wish!) :)

  • Congrats @Daveypoo

  • @flo26 said:
    Happy for you man!
    So,we’ll meet soon in france?

    Sooner than you think , @flo26 - sooner than you think.

  • Congratulations. So are you a dual citizen, now? Do you have to pay Italian taxes? Do you get to vote in Italian elections?

    Do you get favored treatment at Italian Restaurants and Delis, now? ;)

    I was hoping to get to post, “I finally grew my hair out, too!” But this goal was much higher, I would say. :)

  • Congratulations! I’m the other way around. Would like to become American.

    Roll Tide!

  • @SevenSystems That's a very long and drawn out question, but I'll try to give my best answers. Please note that I'll be making some sweeping generalities that do not apply across the entirety of the EU, but that reflect only my own feelings and experiences in the countries I've spent time in.

    I find there is more a focus on "quality of life" there than I've found here in the US, when I tend to find that things are focused on money and making more of it, something that generally holds no interest to me.

    I find the quality of food in Europe to far exceed that of the US where good quality food is prohibitively expensive.

    I enjoy small living, so I enjoy the "smallness" of Europe - in comparison to the US where everything is overly large (cars, houses, meals, etc.)

    I enjoy the willingness of the Europeans to celebrate their own differences. I'm sure there will be some who stiffen at this comment and want to argue the point, but I simply mean that I admire how many different countries adamantly champion their own culture while being so small - there's a sense of "we won't be forgotten" that's appealing.

    I can go on and on, but the reasons will become more esoteric and less concrete - more how I feel when I'm there, my interactions with locals... the intangibles. But yeah - I'm a member of the EU. Go me!

  • @CracklePot said:
    Congratulations. So are you a dual citizen, now? Do you have to pay Italian taxes? Do you get to vote in Italian elections?

    Do you get favored treatment at Italian Restaurants and Delis, now? ;)

    I was hoping to get to post, “I finally grew my hair out, too!” But this goal was much higher, I would say. :)

    You should absolutely grow your hair out.

    I only have to pay Italian taxes if I reside in Italy. And yes, I do get to vote in Italian elections, but not in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections as I'd have to be a resident to do so.

    But one thing at a time - at least being a resident is now an option, so we just need to figure out how to make that happen. It's still in development at this time - I'll let you know when we roll out the beta. ;)

  • Haha, I did grow my hair out.
    My wife and daughters hate it.

  • Wow, happy for you! :)

  • Nice! I missed the elegobility by a few years on my grandmother's side or I'd have applied (and moved) as well!

  • Congratulations. Where do you plan to move to?

  • @Daveypoo I'm happy if it makes you happy. More than anything else, I hope that it opens up doors and possibilities for the young bean to be allowed to live/study easily elsewhere as and when they might wish to do so...etc.

  • All the best for your future, Dave. Italy is the best.

  • Congratulations Dave. Your ethnic background is Italian isn’t it?

  • Very good, I know this process is a long and difficult one and that the Italian embassy in San Francisco isn’t always on top of things. You’ve exercised a lot of patience and perseverance to accomplish your goal.

  • @Daveypoo said:

    @flo26 said:
    Happy for you man!
    So,we’ll meet soon in france?

    Sooner than you think , @flo26 - sooner than you think.

    I am so happy for you!

    Now I have somewhere to stay in Italy..... ;)

  • I'm curious to know how you'll navigate the job market changes. Is your skillset portable?
    Do you work for a global company that would transfer you or would you start with a new
    financial base? Coming into the US typically requires answer for these questions, I think.
    I assume gaining citizenship just means those questions are not going to be asked.

    I do find I can be happy wherever I'm placed but I rarely move without undue pressure to do so. Still, I could be seduced into adventure at this stage in life. I know someone that wants to
    find someplace more "civilized" and tolerant. The mediterranean countries seem like generally civil options and being near the ocean is important to me.

    I had the best time in Firenze just walking about in my teens.

  • Welcome to the Old World. There’s lots to like on this side of the pond!

  • Congratulations, Dave!

  • Thanks for the support, everyone. I'm walking on a red, white and green cloud today - haven't felt this good in a long time. Life has been especially stressful lately and I needed this win. Bad.

    @vitocorleone123 I'm sorry to hear that your details didn't line up - it's an extremely small window and I was frankly shocked that all my details were even applicable.

    @cian Still determining the where as it involves a lot of moving parts to consider. Out of allegiance to this process and the gift that Italy just gave me, I definitely would like to start there but nothing more concrete at the moment.

    @JohnnyGoodyear Thank you, sir - I AM happy. I know that this choice isn't for everyone, but I really do appreciate the kind words.

    @LinearLineman - I'm telling you - me taking you out for a beverage of your choice is happening, and most likely much sooner than either of us thought.

    @Ben - Yes. This was the official recognition of citizenship by right of blood, or a process called Jure Sanguinis. I was eligible through my father's family.

    @InfoCheck - San Francisco is better than some of the other consulates. I've heard that LA is now booking appointments 10 years out!

    @RUST( i )K - You jest, but that's not something I'm opposed to :smiley:

    @McD - These are considerations we are making now. Ideally I would either continue to work for an American company, or be employed by a company outside of Italy. The Italian job market is horrendous, and being a foreigner with only a basic understanding of the language puts me at a distinct disadvantage. I do work for a global company, but we're exploring our options as we're not sure how this will all play out currently.

    I have lived in California, in the same town, longer than I lived in any other place in my life - I moved around a lot as a kid. Moving is easy for me, and I used to do it every 5 years or so as a rule, but I've been here nearly 20 and I'm crawling out of my own skin. I agree - I dig the Mediterranean mentality and also would prefer to be near water as I've always been. It's hard to fight the "grass is greener" thoughts and see the reality of it all, but that would be true of anyone looking for a new life abroad.

  • @brambos I know! Now I finally have the opportunity to live it and stop feeling so dang envious!

    @JeffChasteen Thanks!

  • I knew quite a few Italians in London and they reckoned it was only really possible to get a decent job in Italy if your parents had good contacts/sway. Which was why they were in London (these were all highly skilled people who had no trouble getting a job elsewhere).

    It seems pretty easy to get a job in the north. Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Belgium...

  • Exciting times ahead. England has the better football teams at present, though!! You have already identified some of the good things to look forward to in Europe.

  • Great to hear your happy news.


  • @cian There are a multitude of options, so I'm just trying to eye the field for the moment. It's kinda nice just to bathe in the glory of this moment for a bit before I start stressing out all over again.

    @Jomodu Yeah - not a football fan but just heard about Liverpool absolutely destroying Barcelona the other day.

    @SpookyZoo Grazie a tutti!

  • edited May 8

    congratulations! Its a liberating feeling to gain the right to stay in a country you love for the longterm with no need to worry about the ever changing conditions of visas. I naturalized to Japanese citizenship recently and it was the biggest relief ever. Knowing your life has more potential stability in the place where you want to be and the freedom to chase opportunity. Plus the ability to show love and respect for a place that feels, or can become, like home. I am very very happy for you!

  • Nice one Daveypoo.
    If you’re ever touring Ireland, and passing through the North, give me a shout. I’ll be here.

  • Congrats 😊👍

  • Congratulations ! Best food in the world, after Japan !

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