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Purple Cycloid / No Hardware! SpaceCraft and Noise

edited May 2019 in Creations

I hope Mark @deltaVaudio will listen to this one. Both engines of SpaceCraft with samples from my own tracks. I loved learning how to play this remarkable instrument a bit. Thank you Mark!

Also my first experiment with MPE and Roli Noise (halfway thru). Another thrill as to its potential for me. There is a Seaboard block in my future now. The Noise lead line supported by SwarPlug Bansari. BASSalicious, two tracks of Brazilian Drum Machine and a touch of iSymphonic strings.
And, no hardware keyboard! All on the screen.


  • Nice performance @LinearLineman

    Like it!

  • Really like this! I like the atonal elements. What did you use the MPE for here ?

  • Thanks so much for listening @Pierre118. It means a lot that you liked it.

    @deltaVaudio, the Noise MPE comes in at 2:55 and is the gliding lead. From the beginning you hear the two SC engines.with very sparse Bassalicious and drums. SC supports it all. What was remarkable to me in doing a live performance was that if I used melodic samples to begin with I could actually create a melodic landscape with relative ease. It was much easier to latch onto a note or phrase and return to that exact spot again and again than I had imagined. So, with the right samples, SC becomes a melody instrument as opposed to an environmental one. Very amazing, Mark. You did a great thing.

  • Great stuff ! And I highly recommend getting a seaboard . I have the smaller seaboard block

  • This is really refreshing man!
    Put me in a good mood and stirred my brain to just relax and process some thoughts, all while zoning into the smoooth drums and chill spacecraft noodles. Deff a great track to just relax and think to, also would be perfect in some parts of a tv / movie

  • Thank you so much @reasOne. Nice to know that I can spread some chill as well as stirring the pot (too often). And thanks for the supportive comment on SoundCloud.

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