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Cubasis - how do I record or 'bus' the audio from a midi track live?? Update, kinda solved.

I have read the entire manual, and (not so thoroughly) went through the forums... Couldn't find anything.

How do I do this in Cubasis:

Load an AU synth (on a midi track) and record the audio to its own or another track? Freeze won't let me change parameters on the fly, and automation doesn't seem to record AU UI changes.

Why are there no busses / subgroups either?

Thanks in advance.


  • It appears I can't do that, I have to record AU parameter changes then freeze the track, unless someone else knows a secret way to make subgroups, busses, or route audio from a midi track to an audio track.

    This seems like it needs to be added asap, its silly you can't grab audio from midi tracks realtime in the app...

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    @scottsunn : Cubasis doesn't have busses and subgroups.

    Do you want to record audio and midi or just the audio?

  • The only way I have been able to come up with is to not host the AU in Cubasis, but in AUM.
    I still do all the midi in Cubasis, set the instrument to none, and send the midi to AUM.
    In AUM, I load the AU and set it to receive midi from AUM. I create whatever buss scenario I want, then send the outputs to Cubasis. I can route each AUM channel to its own Cubasis audio track, or all to a single Cubasis audio track, or any combo I want.

    I hoped the ape Mixer Send/Receive would give Cubasis busses, but it doesn’t work like that. Ape Mixer send receive is an AU, and you can only load an AU in the input slot of a midi track.
    You need to load it on an audio track to record the audio of the AU, but in Cubasis you can only load IAA apps in the input slot of audio tracks.
    Sure you can load an AU in the FX slot of an audio track, but FX don’t get recorded in real-time, you have to freeze to apply FX. Only the input slot gets recorded in real-time, but that is IAA only.
    I think you get the gist of the problem here. :/

  • I'm essentially trying to do the same thing, but in BeatMaker 3 and am coming up empty handed.

    Like, I love what Fly Tape does with the stops and stutters, but I just want to be able to live record those effects on my track in BM3 without having to mess around with AUM or AudioBus. It feels like this should be possible and I'm just doing something wrong?

    Like, what's the point of AU FX if I can't make them part of my recorded track right in the app?

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    just got cubasis 3 ... i have the same question : how can i record a midi track on an audio track without passing by Aum or else ?

  • @mlau said:
    just got cubasis 3 ... i have the same question : how can i record a midi track on an audio track without passing by Aum or else ?

    I believe one way is to freeze the track, then copy the audio to an audio track.

  • @wim thanks 👍

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