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OT: The Enemy Within



  • watch this lol

  • @robertreynolds said:

    @LinearLineman said:
    @robertreynolds, did not Hillary have 3,000,000 more popular votes? The framers of the constitution created the electoral college because they did not trust the mob. (Meaning you and me, Robert). They could not help themselves. Many were patrician slaveholders and the context was to trust themselves and not the rabble. Were they correct in their judgement of us? Would you eliminate the electoral college as outdated, not representational! and subject to gerrymandering, etc.? I would. Perhaps we would agree on this. And, of course, without an electoral college, Clinton would now be president and the vox populi would have been heard.

    I hear lots of Democrats talking about changing the electoral college. It makes me laugh “can’t beat them, change the rules!” Clinton could have won the election if she hadn’t just pandered to the blue on the map below.

    @LinearLineman said:
    And did the Russians interfere? You seem to not believe it and why? Because, if you adhere to the leader's logic, Putin said no in a strong and powerful voice. Do you understand that Putin hates the US for attempting to do the same shit to them? If you believe Russian interference is made up you are denying the overt proof presented by the Republican rule stickler Mueller. The only reason he didn't indict the great leader was because of the OLC ruling. Why that is not challenged legally is beyond me.

    It’s pretty clear Russia interfered in the 2016 election...on Obama’s watch. It’s pretty clear he knew it was happening and didn’t do enough about it. We don’t know why. Maybe he thought Hillary couldn’t lose or maybe he wanted an insurance policy to set Trump up should she lose. Because it’s also true that Americans were spied on by our own intelligence agencies (under Obama) prior to the election, something so unprecedented that the corruption that lead to this will be discussed for years.

    It’s also TRUE there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians and that liberals have been lying about it for years.

    umm were you saying something about people changing their tunes hahahaha

    and regarding the semantics of the word Collusion, if there was no collusion does that also mean that Donald trump jr did not tell the Russians that he would love the dirt they have, and did not Paul manafort giving american polling data to the Russians lol.... omg I give guys ... you win hahaha

  • ok this. is the last time I'm going to say it cause you guys have provided enough proof for the ages...

    you do not even believe the stuff you say you believe in..... you are not at odds with democrats, liberals, or the leftwing.... you are at odds with yourselves.... once you work those issues out maybe one day you will get to the stage where you are actually debating the liberals, but first you and the president have to stop debating with yourselves... get the president to become an honest broker and I might just vote for him right..................

    okay I'm out man, gotta allota 10 minute beats to make or else I don't eat, chuckles.. this thread was great for what Linear was hoping for.

  • edited May 2019

    I think we have all said as much as can be said. And the same few (myself included) are just posting again and again. Without fresh opinion and perspective we cannot add to arguments on either side. We did not swear at each other, but we probably all wanted to. Each of us can draw his own conclusions about what was displayed here, the Orwellian nature of the debate, and be glad we can each cling to the comforts bestowed upon us for the time being.

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