Can AUM be used as Audio Sender in AudioBus?

I was sending KB-1 to Xequence and this into AUM where I loaded an AU.
I could now record the audio in AUM (into AudioShare), but would like continue using this audio in AudioBus.

Is there any way to do this?

Right now, I cannot find a way to route audio from AUM to other nodes in AudioBus.

An example preset:

Audiobus preset 'KB1XeyAUMLoopy':

MIDI Lane:

Audio Lane:

Here, I would like to record the output from AUM in Loopy.
But that does not seem to work.
Is there a way to do this?

I tried to change the output within AUM to IAA / AudioBus, but there is nothing selectable.



  • This video talks about the issues you’re interested in.

  • Many thanks, @InfoCheck

    The video says, that AUM can only send to IAA (hosts), but it offers to send to "IAA / AB Output"

    I think, everything I fine now:

    I removed Loopy at first and then added it as output in the lane of AUM - after that, I could load it as output within AUM!


    I think that will help me to get my flexible solution I am searching for.

    Many thanks for the video!

  • You’re welcome and glad it helped. @gmslayton did all of the work by creating the video.

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