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Best way to trigger Stop/Start in Atom in AUM?

I am trying to stop and start the internal transport in Atom in AUM using the built-in keyboard as the midi control source and selecting note 0 as the trigger (C1). Tapping C1 stops the internal Atom transport. How do I then get it to start again? Just tapping C1 on the keyboard again doesn’t do it. I assume that I’m missing something very simple.


  • Bump. Same question here.

  • I don’t see that anyone ever answered this. I’m not having any luck either. By all accounts, this should respond just like any other AU with controls exposed. The fact that it turns OFF when you press it while it’s running, means Atom is recognizing the control. It sure looks like a bug to me. I’m headed to send them an email. Ok, I just did. The correct behavior for toggles to any AU app (including AUM itself) is on when they’re off, and off when they’re on, whether anything is running or not. I sent a midi note to record enable on an AUM audio lane and it came on. I sent it again and it went off. AUM’s transport wasn’t running at the time. I’ll post back here if I get an answer.

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    Thanks, @motmeister - I hope you hear something useful.

  • +1 any luck?

  • No. And no reply to my email to Veek.... I’ll sure post back if I hear something. Since it’s AU, I was thinking about setting up three or four and pointing each to a different synth. By assigning different midi notes to each control, I could trigger the phrases at will, either by playing a keyboard or sending a MIDI sequence to them. But alas, this bug prevents it.

  • Maybe it helps mentioning it to @blueveek in here?


  • Ok, I never think about that. I just passed it on to him here. Thanks for reminding me.

  • I rec’d an email from Victor (Veek) late last night. It said he was surprised it worked at ALL, since the capability isn’t in the current release. He stated that a new release will not only allow Start/Stop, but other MIDI CTRL features as well. So I guess we must be patient. :)

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