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Arranging/Performance in Electrify Nxt

edited January 2014 in App Tips and Tricks

Does anyone have any thoughts tips or tricks on how to manage playback/performance of a session in Nxt?

I've learned a lot about the mechanics and sound creation possibilities of the App since its release but I'm actually struggling to find a workflow that feels comfortable when trying to interweave my clips. Something about the lack of screen real estate compared to the original Electrify (I know I can scroll the clip view) combined with trying to manage fade outs and in and scene changes....

Would be interested if anyone has a method that works well for them?


  • Largely depends on what kind of music you're making, but the way I've been doing it is arranging by column:

    Beats on the left, then percussiony bits, then synth lines, then more synth lines, then basslines, then some bleepy stuff.

    But at first it doesn't matter because you can shift those clips around afterwards anyway.

  • I think partly its because with the new synth engine I'm tempted to make longer clips which are harder to weave in and out seamlessly. I also find that when I change scene sometimes clips continue that I don't expect making it harder to get back to a reliable starting position to build from. Also if you're in a clip manipulating the scene cross fader it can be trick to get back out to set another clip running.

    I suspect it'll come down to preparation but just at the moment it's fun but there's a high work load.

  • Just one of the downsides of the app I think, I had the same issues. It LOOKS like it would be ideal for performance, but so far I just can't find a fluid workflow yet. Still using it just for coming up with new loops and grooves at this point :(

  • I recommend using NXT via Audiobus into BM2.

    NXT syncs perfectly with BM2.

    You can keep an empty scene in NXT and sync/start from BM2 which starts NXT in sync but without any clips playing.

    You then have BM2's automation, IAA/Audiobus and midi sequencing at your disposal with the live elements of NXT....

    May not be for all but its interesting so far ;)

  • @Dave I can see the attraction but at this stage I'm interested in the idea of experimenting with all the creative potential in Nxt to try and evolve some loops to find ideas that I wouldn't otherwise come up with. Much as with Ableton as you effect, edit, and twist the contents you begin to hear different things. Once I get the basic functionality down I'll start to think about using it with other Apps.

    I'm just surprised that I'm finding it harder to feel in control once I press play than I did with the original Electrify App. Even beginning to wonder if I'm not understanding some of the control possibilities? I'm having to use the mixer a lot more and its hard work with longer more melodic or complex content. I also find that when I change rows clips I expected to stop keep going throwing thing out. I think long clips and clips of varying length are part if the problem. Maybe I just need to practice with some really simple ideas?

    I've been using Stroke Machine over the last few days and I really love the sounds it can create. After using Electrify however I miss the ability to juxtaposition parts designed for one loop with parts from another to see what you can come up with. Electrify still has therefore some really strong arranging elements it just doesn't feel easy to keep it all under control.

  • @Skipp what do you have clip changes set at in the options menu ?

    If I have it set to 'On Bar' I can time the scene selection to change at the end of the relevant bar ?

    What are you seeing ?

  • I'm tending to use "end of clip" largely because the work load is a bit high for multiple on bar clip changes. I think I need to make more use of row changes with "on bar set" . With only four rows in screen at a time I'm tending to set up less full row scenes and trying to bring loops out and in on the fly.

  • Perhaps the key is to label the two or more bar clips as such, which will help with those timings. Anything that goes longer than one bar could go into the same column, so at its simplest column 1 is all one bar clips, column 2 two bar clips, and so on. Or the same but in rows instead. Personally I find a lot of stuff in iPad music land hard to understand but NXT has gelled right away.

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