! 551 frames

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I was using Audiobus with Animoog Thumbjam Jamup and cubasis,when i suddenly saw that in the top left corner of Audiobus where it usually say 512 frames,it said ! 551 frames (with the ! )
It all seemed to work fine,and i havent been able to reproduce it,just curious I suppose ;-)


  • That's interesting. I've seen it before once, but couldn't reproduce either. Please see if you encounter it again.

  • It happened to me the very first time I opened AB after the update but I can't remember if I had any other apps already opened or not and I haven't seen it since. I just remembered seeing and thinking that was odd but didn't investigate further...sorry

  • Ok I think I got this, i have a Tv app ( eye tv mobile),and if I forget to close it before i open audiobus i will get the dreaded !551 frames message.
    It seems eye tv is setting the buffer to 551 and not letting audiobus reset it.
    I did some testing ,i can not always get audiobus to do this,but about 30%of the times,the other times it just boots up to 512.
    Anyways its not a problem just start audiobus with out the Tv on ;-)

  • IanIan
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    I've just got 139 frames with a warning triangle . Apps in background twitter, iBook, comics, mail, settings, 2do, calendars and video. Ipad3 6.1. Switching everything off inc Audiobus and it goes back to 256

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