Relative volume between YouTube other apps and Audiobus 3

Is there any way that you can give us control of the relative volume between Audiobus and other apps such as YouTube or Google Play and in this way allow us to lower the volume of these other apps relative to AB3? Sometimes I want to play along with those apps but I find they are often quite loud compared to my apps in Audiobus 3. Thanks


  • I'm afraid not, no - one option is to use something like to download the audio from YouTube and then stick it in the player of your choice.

  • (Wow, how much did that look like spam!)

  • Ya, that site looks a little, questionable. Lol

    Too bad there's no way to add the option of having AB3 control the volume of those other apps as well. When I play a YouTube video and then open AB3 I hear AB3 cut off the audio and then it needs to be restarted. I assumed that somehow AB3 inserted itself in the audio path and that it could therefore somehow adjust the volume of other apps relative to AB3 but I guess that's not how it works.

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