Audio Evolution multiroute multitrack audio in and out via Audiobus

I am trying to setup Audio Evolution to send and receive audio from different channels within AUM via Audiobus but I cannot seem to figure out how to split each channel in Evolution to send to a different channel in Audiobus

Is this possible to do? Send one Evolution track so it sends to one channel in AUM, send the second track to the second channel in AUM etc? If so how would I implement this?

Thanks so much!


  • @annahahn I was trying something like this too with multi outputing from Beatmaker3 into Audio Evo. Audio Evo Input/Output is very strange and not straightforward. I gave up

  • wimwim
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    Can’t be done for output from AEM. AEM only publishes one stereo output.

    For input from Audiobus, just put AEM in the audio pipeline outputs of the channels you want to record. AEM will automatically add an audio channel for each.

    [edit] be sure to turn on Software Monitoring in AEM’s settings or you won’t be able to hear what’s coming in.

  • wimwim
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    For input from AUM:

    1. Add a Midi Instrument track in AEM
    2. Select Kymatica AUM (Port 1) (IAA) for the instrument.
    3. AUM will launch. Replace the “Phones” output with IAA/Audiobus Output > IAA Output 1 on the track you want to go to AEM.
    4. Add another Midi Instrument track in AEM
    5. Select Kymatica AUM (Port 2) (IAA) for the instrument.
    6. Replace the “Phones” output with IAA/Audiobus Output > IAA Output 2 on the next track.
    7. Repeat as needed.

    Well ... that’s how it’s supposed to work anyway. But I got errors when I tried to add the second AUM channel. I don’t know if it’s possible to make it work or not.

    Audiobus works though.

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    @wim ok thanks as always. :-)

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