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how do you film the ipad screen?

Hello, I often see ipad screen very good quality films here and there in tutorials or music demos. How is it made ?


  • Swipe the screen and push that button

  • I'm not sure that button is visible by default. I think you need to go to Settings > Control center > Customize Controls > and then add it if it's not already there.

    Also, sound is tricky. It helps to have whatever app is managing the audio open before you start the recording. It doesn't always work, and is in mono when you do. When doing anything that has music in it, I always record the audio in AUM, then replace the screen recorded audio with the file from AUM, using Luma Fusion.

  • Hmm, the 'Screen Recorder' seems to record in Stereo when a USB Audio interface is connected but not 'always', very strange behaviour...

  • Hey it is easy! And yes I needed to add the button in the control center...

  • Also, avoid rendering output from an app while recording, tried doing this for a tutorial video, big flop..

  • @icsleepers What means "rendering output from an app" ?

  • @Kitusai like uh, for example exporting from anything. Recording live audio I haven’t had issues with, but while recording I did an export from blocs wave and when I played back the video everything after the export was totally silent

  • Understound thanks!

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    @Samu said:
    Hmm, the 'Screen Recorder' seems to record in Stereo when a USB Audio interface is connected but not 'always', very strange behaviour...

    Interesting, I always, well most time, have my interface hooked up but have never thought about checking too see if it's recorded stereo when it is, good tip will test

  • When I only had an iPad 2, with the 30-pin connector, I used to use a 30-pin to VGA adaptor to convert it to composite and record it into a Sony DVD recorder, too low resolution to read any text, but good enough to display moving graphics for backgrounds for my videos in time to the music. Later I obtained a 30-pin to HDMI adaptor and that let me record in much higher resolution into a selection of decent BlackMagic Designs devices I used a few years ago – an ATEM Television Studio, an Ultrastudio Mini, an Intensity Shuttle.

    When I moved over to a more modern iPad which has a lightning connector, I could simply connect the iPad to one of the Macs and use QuickTime player to record the iPad video and audio. I didn’t need the BlackMagic gear for that at all any more.

    Now, of course, as mentioned above, it’s possible to do it entirely within the iPad.

    It’d have been a whole lot easier and cheaper for me if they’d have included that button to begin with back on the old iPad 2.

  • @u0421793 a true piece of History :)

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