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Streetlytron Pro vs. ‘63 Edition

I’m looking to pick one of these up for some sweet Mellotron sounds, but not sure which to choose with the Easter sale.

Seems like the major difference is a few different voices and violins from the SopranoTron2 set (which I don’t own yet) and 8 seconds vs 5 second sample size, plus a much bigger install size.

For those who own both, which would you recommend more?

I’m leaning towards the ‘63 to stretch my iTunes account further but with the sale I’m not sure.


Thanks in advance.


  • Haven’t got the Pro, but bought ‘63 in the sale yesterday and very happy with it.

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    I have the Pro version but I am still thinking a lighter version might come in handy at some point. Or not. On the fence for the '63 version.. Here's the main differences:

    Streetlytron Series
    Streetlytron ​Pro includes complete Sopranotron 2 sample sets, 90 voices in total

    Absolutely authentic mellotron experience for professional users / recording studios

    • Full 8 second samples
    • Sample-per-note (chromatic samples) - 35 unique samples per voice
    • Switchable looping for maximum playability
    • Sopranotron 2 samples included - 15 Soprano voice plus 10 violin samples

    Extremely accurate Mellotronics experience for 'prosumers' and live performance

    • Extremely difficult to distinguish recordings, mixes and live performance from Pro version

    5x reduced storage requirement on device - 315MB vs. 1.7GB

    • Reduced app memory footprint / reduced memory pressure for older devices
    • Faster voice switching than Pro version for live performance
    • Ultra-efficient, runs beautifully on iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G

    5 second looped samples

    • Minor third sampling interval
    • Within sampled 35 note range, no played note is more than 1 semitone away from its recorded sample
  • Bought the Pro... wanted to have all the voices. Sounds stupendous!

  • Ah knickers, I missed the Sopranotron bit with the Pro, didn’t realise that was included. Never mind, happy with the lower space/cpu hit of the 63. Notice Sopranotron 2 is on sale anyway, so might pick it up.

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