PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

GeoShred control of Velocity with MIDI

Am I missing something or is there no velocity sensitivity when controlling with a midi device? For example I have a Seaboard Rise and have setup the Bluetooth connection and enabled the Seaboard as the MPE profile device but there is only one level of velocity it seems for all notes. I can understand why the iPad is going to play everything at max velocity, but why can’t a velocity sensitive device like the seaboard make for more dynamic volume expression by the strength of the initial key press?


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    GeoShred can respond to velocity - you can actually set it so that the pads play low velocity when you press them near the bottom and louder when you press them at the top. Look in the settings. You can also set a velocity curve.

    At the moment I’m using iFretless Bass to control GeoShred via midi (both hosted as AU in AUM) because iFretless cleverly generates velocity by measuring how hard / loud you hit the iPad (probably by using a combination of the microphone and the motion sensors.)

    I find it more intuitive to simply hit harder to get louder rather than aiming higher in each note pad box. It’s much more expressive with played in velocity as well as slides and bends.

    It works really well :smile:

  • Seems like when controlling with the Seaboard every note is the same velocity though.

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