iphone DAW with midi mapping + automation, Send automation etc


I am looking for a DAW to run on an iphone that is capable of recording midi automation AND specifically routing midi control to SEND controls and other mix controls- what DAW apps are capable of this sort of midi routing where midi is being used to control SENDs/ other elements of the mix?

N-track? Garage Band? Audio Evolution?

Which iphone DAWs have the best/most versatile midi assignment ? I’m imagining something similar to ableton where each interface element/mixing control can be midi mapped.

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    I don’t know of any that will do what you want. Maybe N-Track? I never looked at it. Even on iPad, most DAWs don’t map or route midi to mixer controls. Auria Pro does, but only through Mackie MCU or HUI protocol, not plain ol’ midi cc.

    AudioBus, AUM, and Ape Matrix excel at this, but aren’t DAWs. At this point you can build your own with apps like Atom Piano Roll to do the sequencing duties.

    One strategy to get around that is to automate apps’ master volume control if they have one, rather than do it through the mix.

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    Well I never!! I just realised that Stagelight runs on my iPhone SE. The screen is obviously tiny and it's a bit hard to press some of the icons with fat fingers - but it works.

    I just tested MIDI CC learn to track volume and pan and to record automation for both. You can also set MIDI learn for the track FX sends.. but I tried it and whilst you can set it up it does not actually seem to work :neutral:

    I know there are a few parts of Stagelight's MIDI that need finishing off ( the external MIDI send does not function - even though it appears you can set it up on each channel nothing happens!)
    Hopefully @MatthewAtStagelight will confirm that the SEND will be MIDI controllable in a forthcoming update.

    I really like the way Stagelight records loops ( the record button can also be MIDI controlled ) - and I love the fact you can MIDI trigger scenes and clips like Ableton.

    It can host AUv3, and it's SampleVerse is supposed to load sfz files - and it's mpe compatible. There are a few kinks that hopefully will be ironed out soon

    I just wish it had Ableton LINK! Or MIDI sync as well.

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    I thought of Stagelight but didn’t find the midi learn and didn’t have the time to wade through videos to find out. Another reason I prefer manuals. Coulda found it in a minute or less I bet.

    Glad you found that, and I hope you get it all to work. Stagelight has so much going for it.

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