PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

BopPad Midi Mash Makes StreamByter 12 Strike Smash

Sharing some idle work (heavy-lifting done by the marvelous nic at Audeonic Apps):

A StreamByter script here.


a BopPadEditor preset here.

Input of 4 notes and turns it into 12 output notes, dependent on cc strike position i.e. three radius note zones per quadrant of the bopPad.
The output notes are configured to a GM drum set and have been tested with DrumJam and SampleTank(live mode). Additional cc re-mapping code is included but switched off. (i.e. to remap pressure aftertouch)

original code thread here:


  • Cool. Will try it. Did you see previous threads in which we worked with Nic on the same?

  • edited April 16

    yes the post.

    I like how that script deals with pressure and might just steal it. :-) This script is different in that it’s simpler, no array for 127 cc values, just three zones per quad. Also the input/outputs text bloc make more sense to me if creating multiple versions for different apps..

    I might build a 8 zone version as well, as having cc variation driving a filter or fx, is something i really like. But 12 strikes leaves too little usable space for anything but pressure aftertouch.

    I wish the bobEditor did all this. Running an extra app to remap the midi controller is soo extra.

  • I mainly use my BopPad in a live environment, currently for just triggering samples. The inability to change its presets on the fly really limits its usefulness. All I want (in live use) is to simply switch what samples are being triggered.

    So if I'm understanding Streambyter correctly, this problem would be solved?

    Also, would the mfxConvert app (also by Audeonics) also achieve what I'm looking for?

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