iOS app like Image Line Sytrus for making oscilliscope art?

I'm back into trying my hand at Oscilloscope art/music. I posted one video I did with my Eurorack system (just google 'lissajous on acid' to find it). This time, I'd like to be a bit more precise by using iOS apps. I watched a set of tutorials by Chris Allen where he was using Sytrus inside FL Studio. So far, the closest I've come with an iOS fixed synth is Synthmaster One, but that only got me through the first tutorial. I then switched over to using Audulus 3 where I proceeded to program my own synth from scratch for the purpose of creating oscilloscope art. I'm curious if there is an iOS app that has these features. Basically, it needs to have sine wave oscillators with phase control and panning so I can pan a sin wave left and cosine wave right to create the basic circle. Then it needs to have amplitude modulation, but the source should be from an additional oscillator that can sync frequency to the sine wave oscillators rather than a free moving LFO. Anything like this exist or should I just stick with Audulus 3?



  • What do yo want to do?
    Connect the left audio out to X and the right output to Y on the scope?
    Which scope?

  • iTuttle can pan each oscillator hard left/right, you might try that one, or iWavestation.
    Otherwise there are not many synths that can do it, and I think that Audulus 3 or AnalogKit or zMors Modular are your best options. And, not to forget, MobMuPlat if you need more sophisticated PureData constructions :smiley:

  • @rs2000 Thanks for the reply. Audulus is the most flexible for sure. For the scope, I'm using Apematrix on iOS and Mordax Data in Eurorack.

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