AfroLatin Collusion / AfroLatin and Brazilian Drum Machines

Thanks to @LuisMartinez I picked up the two drum apps I was looking for. Combining AfroLatin and Brazilian really made it interesting. Improvised lead line a mix of BeatHawk classical guitar and marimba, ThumbJam Shakuhachi, a Kauldron lead patch and Shigeru and RC275 pianos. iFretless bass in two forms. And two ISymphonic string patches.

MicSwapPro's MS-Fat really lifted the whole mix. @garygary, another good before and after if you are interested.


  • Only GOT 1/2 way through and GOT is starting Season 8 in my time zone HBO.

    I'm excited to finish this one. The these new drums purchases are a great alternative to the Middle East and Soft Drummer options of your catalog.

    I was able to focus on the scale choices you make as you roll out a linear line. It's like to
    establish a scale in my head and then you create variations that change notes to alternative
    scales... usually chromatically to develop motifs and re-work them. I know you get to this
    approach to music without being analytical but it helps me understand how can you move away for pure randomness to applying muscle memory learned from memorizing scales and
    know when you are breaking a convention by choosing notes outside the scale you were playing. These ideas have started to worth their way into my improvisations and I can see that a lot of other great players do similar moves in their playing.

    The excessive use of patterns which is the hallmark of bebop playing don't happen in your
    playing. It's more like watching a plant grow in slow motion. You shift the timeframe to seconds from 16th notes in your use of imitation, reflection and transmogrification.

    Once the drum sync is resolved I can actually hear you. I hope this is how you treat drums going forward but when you don't I'll just wait for the next one. I can't focus on the minutiae of time and synchrony for 50 years and ignore it when it's absent. If I have 50 more years I can undo the damage of an education in reading and realizing notation.

  • Thanks @mcd. Though I have never analyzed what happens when I play, I think you did a very good job. It loses some of its magic when coldly defined, but I cannot disagree when I line up my playing experience to your description. I noticed it particularly on this track and the Cannibals track. They are both based on the midi drum tracks and thus were assigned tonalities I had to, at least, be aware of. I quickly found the scale that would not conflict and improvised from there.

    Your description of stepping outside the scale and “choosing” alternative notes is quite true as well. But I would say “reaching” rather than “choosing”. Any note seems possible at the moment, and conscious choice doesn’t really help me, as they are usually less than novel. I cannot say that my improvisations are 100% nonconscious, but I do find the most interesting, hard felt parts are the most compelling and those are inevitably not thought out.

    I would add that having melody as central, rather than harmony, is a great tool for me. I have often demonstrated to students that if the melody is solid enough (meaning “presence” not correctness), that one can play virtually anything in the left hand and it will work musically. Maybe not to all ears, of course.

    I know you will always stick to the beat, but you do now understand that my stuff is not random, just off the beaten track 🤔🤪😂. You may describe it to a plant evolving, but for me it is more like jumping off a cliff in slow motion. Takes a damn long time to get to the bottom of it. I think if you add it to your array of improvising tools it will be rewarding.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain myself to me (and perhaps a few others). Spot on.

  • I've seen your ideas slipping into my playing. It fits well with the use of generators in IOS music making... it's like giving up control and recognizing what sounds interesting.

  • Strange you say that @McD . I am about to post a thread that relates exactly to your deduction.

  • It's tax day in the US. I'm thankful for deductions. I spent 10% of my income on
    IOS "Business Software". AUDIT ALERT. "It's not a business if you can't show income.
    It's a disease."

  • Got a chance to finish listening.

    I need to load up that Kauldron Lead Preset... I'm a sucker for that singing fly sound dating
    back to early the Moog's.

    You make a nice Latin Groove at the 7:15 mark and the addition of the vibes at 8:15 had me thinking of Vince Guaraldi's group.

    Really nice choices for the instrumental mix.

    "It's got a great beat... I give it an 80. Easy to dance to."

    • a dancer/reviewer on Dick Clark's bandstand of a new 45 single.
  • Thank you @McD. I agree it finally hits the groove toward the end and the marimba made it feel authentic. Still, everything seems to pass thru the MLF (Mike Levy Filter) and comes out here.

  • I love the AfroLatin vibe!

  • Another good track. Love the build up. I can see this being great behind a film at some point. Lots of mood here.
    Thanks for posting it @LinearLineman!

  • Thank you @pianowillbebach. Always glad to meet someone new here. I appreciate lending me your ears.

    Yes, @garygary. MSP strikes again. A big help this time. I am relying on two or three of the emulations now, but hope to explore more as time goes on. Strangely, on some tracks the addition of MSP pushes the CPU over the line (mostly as a universal send, I guess) and I have to back off from it. But generally, all is very good.

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